Give yourself the time and space to consciously observe your financial situation without judgment of yourself or your situation.

If desired, I can assist you in gathering the figures for yourself and observing, analyze and structure them so that you get a clear overview of your assets. They can be in your possession privately or through a company. If desired, this can be done internally for yourself and in complete confidence and silence through quality control.

Taking care of yourself is unique and different for everyone. Financial self-care is only one part of THE SELF-CARE but talking about money, assets and cash flows creates such tension and stress for very many people that they simply don't see it clearly. For me it is important that you can start to see clearly on your own, that I address your consciousness and, should there be any blockages in the financial field, help to transform them.

I see myself only as a guide to help create more possibilities for you.

Often unconsciously, people do not make time to do the basic work and therefore often lose contact with their figures or focus intensely on money. The connection with your figures and especially the inner peace of mind regarding the incoming and outgoing cash flow necessary for your "lifestyle" is where I can support you as an independent financial counselor.

I have seen people work themselves to death or end up in burnout because they no longer had a clear view of their figures and continued steering on automatic pilot without having the financial control nor financial awareness. They were completely out of balance.

Working harder, making money, was in the past sometimes the solution, but in my opinion, it is better to reduce the workload and press the PAUSE button.

Take a moment to slow down ...


Once the difficult groundwork is over and you have the insight and overview, you start to see your possibilities, dreams and desires clearly. 

What do you want? Where do you want to go and more importantly how do you do it? I love to help you find your way through the most difficult, complex and complicated financial matters.

This step is not easy because of the hidden group dynamics but it is fascinating and particularly unique financially to be able to inspire.


Your future vision and the future you want to write "here and now" is important.

Financial technology and artificial intelligence is bringing an evolution in personal finance and has almost automatically become part of everyday life. What are you getting into? And how are you experiencing this advance? 

Do you know what you live and work for? Can you confidently choose in which direction you direct your time, energy and assets? 

What is your next step.... ? 


Of course, your lifestyle is unique and it is different for everyone. What is your passion? What do you like to do and what gives your life value?