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with An Swinnen
An Swinnen Financial coaching

Live your passion now! Pause, ground, connect and bring your financial power home. 

Now is the time to focus on your Financial Well-being and feel financially secure.

Your financial peace of mind counts!


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An Swinnen

I intend to hold the space for you, providing a safe and secure environment to relax, feel empowered, and live your authentic life with vision.

Doing so, I help you identify what is truly valuable in your life and provide perspective, allowing you to focus on the essence. 

My experience is that when you create harmony and "financial" peace of mind, you live a fulfilled and more prosperous life.

Therefore, I can support and assist you in making self-conscious choices that align with yourself and your life path. It will bring the values in your life into balance! If desired, I will be by your side as a financial whisperer for your money matters.