My intentions and integrity

I intend to create a financial beacon or safe harbor for people so that they govern the course of their financial wealth with a clear vision and make confident choices.

People who know me are aware that I have a passion for 'cash flows' and 'financial streams,' and that numbers bring me peace. Digitization and the virtual environment as we know it today provide very nice financial tools but require a personal approach tailored to the individual so that he/she can experience financial "peace of mind" and "joie de vivre".

Our ideas, beliefs, emotions, and energy significantly impact our health and ability to heal. So do our thoughts and intentions about money and our sense of financial well-being. Because of the global economic crisis, many people are under pressure and regretfully experiencing financial stress.

I am an economist, commercial engineer, certified financial life planner, animal communicator, and system facilitator. I integrate everything holistically. At the core of who I am are values such as love, integrity, openness, honesty, compassion, and empathy.

As a financial awareness guide, I leverage my financial expertise along with my natural ability to discern relational and economic connections with clarity. I see myself as a mood sensor, catalyst, growth engine, and bridge builder, and I am always ready to assist pioneers who seek to approach their finances with gentleness and impact.

People are basically born to live a pleasant, joyful and happy life and to experience this life to the fullest. I hereby put my vision, network, education and experience into the world independently.

I learned to experience that people are often unconsciously driven by unspoken issues without essentially being in control of their actions. Many people get stuck in the collective there-want-to-be-with and run with the rest.

At a very young age, I made the choice to change course. And yes, it is motivating to make money but making profits through transgressive behavior cannot be justified. There is an important distinction between values and goals.

My values and standards are not rules or commandments about how you should behave. I would only invite you to act consciously and be valuable present. 

An Swinnen

For me, money is not a goal to gain status and social recognition, nor a tool to exercise power and control over others, but a means to realize dreams, passions, desires and life goals with gentleness.

I am grateful for the teachers and guides on my path and the opportunities I have enjoyed for self-study. Observing, analyzing, and transforming is an innate nature.  

In doing so, I now have the maturity and ability, as a financial awareness guide, to tune in to people and, in contact with them, feel and interactively look for what they need to create financial harmony and peace.